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Spray Liquid Glass Coating for Cars

Liquid glass coating

Leading edge Liquid Glass Technology made easy. One of the best car wax alternative, and the best liquid glass car care product. Faster and Easier than car wax. Price: from $16.45...... Visit Liquid Glass Coating, Double Shield Product Page

  • Long lasting
  • Super Water-Repellency
  • Protection with hard glass layer
  • Smooth non-stick surface
  • Withstand pollutants

The Best Windshield Rain Repellent Treatment

clean and protect in one step

Formulated with the leading edge coating technologies, this amazing product helps to improve driving visibility in adverse weather conditions. It will reduce stress for all drivers. Price from $11.95 ...... Visit the Rain Repellent Product page here!

  • Easy application
  • Long durability
  • Repels not only rain, but also water stains and dirt
  • Optimize windshield wiper function

Restore Shine and add Water-Repellent Protection

restore shine water-repellent

Make sink, shower room, and tub surfaces water repellent. Restore surface Our sink cleaning kit include Sink Refresher, liquid glass coating and Sink Cleaning Plus, clean and treat water-repellent layer....Visit Bathroom and Kitchen Water Repellent Products Page

  • Quick and Easy
  • Keep sanitary
  • Instantly leaves shine and smooth
  • Eco-friendly

Car Care Products

All of our car care products we created in order to protect your cars paint from the effects of the elements. Our Liquid Glass Auto Polish is our flagship product, but we also offer other car cleaning products that are designed to be used together to produce the best results.

The Car Care section of the website is where you can find out information on all of the amazing products Tantacoat has to offer. We specialize in making products that you can use on your vehicle to help extend the shine on your vehicle.

Liquid Glass Auto Polish - Best Wax for Car

Our Liquid Glass Auto Polish is different from the typical carnauba wax based products available on the market. Our Double Shield is a unique product that combines our liquid glass and a silicone resin in a simple to use spray. This gives you a long lasting shine and protects your cars paint at the same time. .....From $16.45 ....... Read more

Rain Repellent Glass Treatment - Best Windshield Rain Repellent

The key to driving in bad weather is to ensure good visibility. Keep clean the glass is obvious. On top of that, applying a water-repellent treatment will dramatically improve the visibility. You can do a driving with relaxed by keeping clear view on a rainy day......Read more

Non-wax Car Care Products - Best Car Cleaning Product

We only offer non-wax products here at Tantacoat and that includes our Aladdin’s Super Dots is our best car wash soap plus water repellant. The silicone polymer in our unique formula gives it the water repellent effect that protects your cars paint from the harsh elements.

Car Care Accessories - Available at eShop

Along with our specially designed products you will find items to care for your car like our Auto Detailing Clay Bar, towels and applicators.


Home Care Products

We bring our water repellent technology from our car care products to our home care products. Our Sink Cleaner Plus and Sink Refresher products will not only make your bathroom surfaces clean, but they will shine also.

We have products for your bathroom, even for your shower room cleaning, sinks and any non-porous surface. Keeping the surfaces in bathroom water repellent not only makes them look shiny, but it also keep harmful bacteria from forming. Our products were designed with this in mind.

Sink Refresher

Sink Refresher uses our unique Liquid Glass Coating technology to protect your sinks, shower stall and tub. The protective layer repels water and and leaves an amazing shine everywhere..... Read more

Sink Cleaner Plus

The Sink Cleaner plus is a two in product that both cleans and put down a water repellent coating in one simple step......Read more

Having water repellent surfaces in your bathroom is very important to help reduce the growth harmful bacteria. By combining the good airflow and the water repellent on the surfaces you will not have to worry about the mold and bacteria.


Make Your Life Fun and Easy!

We began our company with a unique car finish protection system that we collaborated with the Japanese manufacture. Along with our cutting liquid glass, silicone polymer coating products and eco-friend car shampoo. We also have created a line of home surface cleaning and protectant products.

Along with unique surface cleaning and finish refreshing products we offer several car cleaning product that were selected to enhance the effectiveness of all of our products. On our website you can find tips on How to wax a car and How to clean a sink.

Whether you are looking for car care products or home cleaning products we have what you are looking for at Tantacoat.


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