Remove metal perticles

Clay bars Price: $19.45/ 2 of 3.5 oz.

Even after you washed your car thoroughly, you still feel scrachy bumps in your palm. They are micro size metal fragments that embedded to the paint layer. So many metal fragments are flying around streets. Using a auto detailing clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination.

Detailing clay has been used only for professional detailers, but it's getting more popular for all car lovers nowadays. Because auto detailing clay is an easy and safe way to clean car surface. With auto detailing clay, you can remove these contaminants from the paint surface and makes your vehicle so slick and smooth. There are chemical solutions to eliminate micro metal from paint surface, but, thoes are heavy chemicals and Clay is safe to use and eco-friendly.

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How to use Auto Detailing Smoothing Clay:

Auto Detailing Clay is a great tool, but there are some tips you have to aware of.

  • First wash a car thoroughly with car shampoo to eliminate rough contamination. Clean a car till you feel smooth touching a body surface with bare hands.

  • First identify rough or scrachy sopts where needs to be clayed by sliding your palm.

  • It is important to use plenty of water to prevent micro-marring. Make a clay flat and slide slowly and lightly with the self-weight of the clay without pressure, while flowing the water. Work till the area get smooth.

  • Check a clay surface of the degree of adhesion of iron powder for avoid the clay does not become like a sandpaper. If the clay is getting contaminated, kneed it and make it flat again.

  • While winter season, clay tend to get hard. On the other hand, while summer season, it get soft. You can adjust the clay hardness using water in a bucket. Use warm water if it's too hard and cold water if it's too soft.

  • Keep a clay in a plastic container when you store it.


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Customer Testimonials


Randy, WA

I have been looking for a product like this for years! Something completely Eco-friendly that is not loaded with chemicals. In a day and age when people are becoming more and more aware of our effect on the planet, I find it amazing how hard it is to find Eco-friendly car care products that does the job. I have tried so many products and I have to say that this Auto Detailing Smoothing Clay Bar is perfect! It picks up all the unwanted metal fragments that get embedded in the car’s paint, creating an uneven surface. The first time I used it - I was completely converted! It’s a great product and makes the cars surface so smooth!



Robert - CA

I have a Blue Mercedes that I take great care of and a friend of mine has asked whether he could use it as their wedding car. I thought I would do some research on products to use to make sure it is truly spic and span for the occasion. A friend recommended this product - Auto Detailing Clay - and WOW! It’s brilliant. The car is looking perfect for the wedding. The clay bar made it so smooth. All you have to do is rub it very lightly over the car’s surface, pouring water constantly at the same time. My wife never knew such product, but now she is a fan as well because it is eco-friendly and doesn’t leak bad chemicals onto our front lawn - it’s just clay! Great product! Would definitely recommend it!

smoothing clay Car Glass cC Order at Tantacoat