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What is Double Shield?

  • Instead of wax, Double Shield protects and shines your car with Silica Glass and Silicone Resin layers.
  • Double Shield is an eco-friendly, safe, non-wax car care product.
  • Glass coating for car care has been widely used in Europe and Japan for more than a decade.

What is liquid glass?

  • Liquid glass is liquid form of silica glass.
  • Innovative technology has enabled the application of liquid glass under normal temperatures without the use of special equipment.

Why use glass?

  • Glass is one of the most stable materials available in nature. It's hard and chemical-resist.
  • Glass is easy to keep clean. Just think about your ceramic dishes and bowls in your kitchen. Dirt and grime just wash away!
  • Glass does not lose its shine!

Will the glass layer break or crack?

  • No! It's a very thin layer and it binds the inside of a paint layer.
  • If you were to take a look at a car's paint with high-performance microscope, you would see lots of micro holes. Nano-size Double Shield's silica glass particles penetrate these holes to bind with the first layer of paint, creating a strong finish that won't crack or break!

What does Silicone Resin do?

  • Silicone Resin is extremely water-repellent.
  • Because of the smooth surface, it is easy to wipe off. Water beads roll off at 35mph. Water doesn't stay on the surface of the car, so it drys quickly.

Is it easy to use?

  • Yes! Just spray Double Shield, wipe and lightly buff. None of the “wax-on, wax-off” time consuming steps of car wax.
  • If your car is washed by a car washing machine, simply spray Double Shield on a squeezed wet microfiber towel. Then, gently wipe down your car and buff it with a dry microfiber towel. It's that simple!

How often should I apply Double Shield?

  • With repeated use, you can really see more and more glass-like shine.
  • Each time you apply Double Shield, the glass layer thickens on your car's surface. This further increases not only shine, but also paint surface strength, improving protection and durability.
  • You will not find this self-improving feature in any wax or other car care products.


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From my experiences, Double Shield is the best wax for cars. A blend of liquid glass and silicone resin protects the paint from the elements in a simple to apply spray. Some Car Care forums are talking about "How to Wax a Car", but, it couldn’t be easier to use Double Shield. With a single coat after you’ve washed your car the liquid glass gets to work, providing an unbeatable layer of protection, and the silicone resin lays down a glossy glass-like finish to make your paintwork sparkle with fantastic results.

Anthony - CA


For professional auto detailing finishes, and the best car wax alternative on the market, Double Shield gives results that many professional valet services want to keep a secret! I'm curious about this years car wax rating of Double Shield.

Randy - Car Care Professional

Double Shield. Simply the quickest to apply and the easiest to use of car care products available on the market today that will keep your paintwork clean and protected with dazzling results. The eco-friendly glass coating will bring out the luster in your car's finish, whilst providing the added layer of long-lasting protection. When my friends ask how to wax a car, I only say to just spraying Double Shield and wipe dry with microfiber towels. No doubt, Double Shield is the winner and the best car care product in the US market.

Tony - Blogger, CA

Get up to speed with the latest in car paint protection and make the trouble with car wax a thing of the past. Double Shield’s liquid glass auto polish is an irreplaceable addition to your car detailing supply - Twice the protection in half of the time. Get protected and get Double Shield, an easy car polish!

Christopher - Detailer, U.K.

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The glass layer provides additional protection of up to a year or even more with multiple applications. The resin layer provides three to four months of protection.


Aladdin’s Double Shield makes the car’s surface water repellent that makes water slide off the coated surface and removes unwanted water spots.


There’s no need to use special tools to apply the Double Shield. You just need to rinse off the soap and then spray it on the wet car surface. Wipe it with a soft cloth and you’ll have a smooth and shiny surface.


The glass layer produced with the use of Aladdin’s Double Shield has an Industry Standard Hardness of 7. That means it can protect against scratches made by sand, iron dust, weeds, small rocks, and nails.


The Double Shield creates a smooth finish that repels animal droppings and dirt. You can easily clean daily dirt and grime with the use of water and sponge.


Glass is a good protector against acid rain, salt from the sea, road salt, and other chemicals.



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liquid silica protection

Why Use a Liquid Glass?

Old porcelain-coated pottery has the ability to keep its sheen due to its glass content. Even when it is filthy when dug from an excavation site, porcelain pottery looks brand new when cleaned. Glass is one of most stable and durable substance in the nature that can keep harmful chemicals and other environmental factors from damaging the subsurface layers. Aladdin’s Double Shield utilizes the power of glass through glass polymers that provide beautiful sheen for a long period of time. The material used in Double Shield is non-toxic and can produce an effective coating without the need of special tools or maintaining the temperature of the room.

Article: What is Glass Coating for an Auto Detailing? » open the article page.

How it works?

silica glass car polishThe Nano-sized Silica Glass particles penetrate and bind with the molecules of the car paint to create a 3D hard protective layer that provides an enduring bond. Then the Silicone Resin shields the Silica Glass layer to provide a very smooth and shiny finish. It also has super water repellent properties.

After applying Aladdin’s Double Shield, the protective Silicone Resin layer starts to deteriorate naturally. This gradual deterioration over time will not impact the integrity of the car’s paint layer as the glass polymer particles are small enough to penetrate the coat of paint. The Double Shield provides additional protection up to a year.

When used regularly, the glass layer becomes thicker. It increases the protection, strength, luster, and durability of the car’s surface. These are effects that can’t be acquired from regular car wax.


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Q: Why Double Shield needs to be applied every 4 to 6 months if the glass layer lasts one year?

A: This is due to the nature of glass. Glass is hydrophilic, which means it does not repel water. As a result, the dirt and dust in water droplets remain on the car's body after the water dries. On the other hand, silicone resin is hydrophobic: it repels water. Periodic applications of Double Shield will eliminate water spots because dirt and dust will roll off the vehicle with the water droplets. If spotting does occur, removal is easy: just wet the surface and wipe with a cloth.

Q: If the resin is protecting against waterspots, etc...what is the glass layer protecting against?

A: Glass is an amazingly durable substance. It is hard. The glass layer has an Industry Standard Hardness of 7 (7H), so it protects against scratches caused by nails, sand, small rocks, iron dust, and off-road weeds. Also, glass protects from various chemicals and environmental damage such as acid rain. Also, the glass layer gives a porcelain-like sheen.

Q: What if I apply Double Shield on a dry car surface?

A: We recommend applying Double Shield to wet surfaces for best results. This is because Double Shield is a concentrated formula. When you apply it to a dry surface, there will not be even distribution, so the results can be spotty unless you are very careful, and you would also have to use more product. You can get more shine as a result, but it takes more time, effort and product. Water on the car surface dilutes Double Shield, so it spreads evenly. Using a spray bottle filled with water to apply to dry surfaces is an option. Spray water on the clean dry surface, then spray Double Shield and wipe with a cloth for excellent results.

Q: What are the operating temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit? in our area now, the temperature is between -8 and +2 celsius(17.6 and 35.6 Fahrenheit ) degrees outdoor.

A: Basically, as long as the Double Shield is liquid form (not frozen) then you can apply. But, a car body has to be wet when you apply Double Shield. Usually, water on a car body freezes up at 32 Fahrenheit(0 Celsius).

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Customer Testimonials


best wax for Black CarSanford Braganza, Alberta Canada

I got my Trial Pack consisting of the Shampoo, Double Shield and Super Dots along with a sponge and applicator. At first the size of the bottle of Double Shield worried me; as it looked very small, I didn`t know if it would suffice even one car coat.

I decided to follow the instructions and see if this stuff worked as promised. I first washed my Grey Toyota Venza 2011 with the shampoo mixed in water one section at a time followed by a single squirt of Double Shield. I was amazed at how this stuff worked as soon as the mist of spray hit the partially wet surface of my car water started to repel. As instructed I used the application sponge to spread it as evenly as possible and after a few cautious moves I started doing it like a pro, it was that simple to apply and that too without much trouble. Then I used the provided microfiber cloth to wipe it dry and at once found the surface very slippery and harder than before and couldn`t believe how glossy it became.

I did my entire car one section at a time and I was amazed how little of the product was needed to get a complete coat on my car. There was plenty to spare as well even after finishing two coats of the product on my car.

I wanted to test the surface for water repellent capability as advertised and was dazzled by the water just beading away and sliding off the body.

This product is one of a kind and truly amazing. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of buying a wax or any other product for their car to blindly trust this product as it works amazingly well.

Thank You Tantacoat for developing such an amazing product. I hope you can develop a product for the windshield glass too which can repel water and last more than a year.

I have attached photographs of my Shiny Car and also how the water repels on the hood, and I hope that is proof enough for any one who has second thoughts.

Mr. S.T, CA.

Happy New Year.
I bought a Double Shield last year. I washed my car right away and applied Double Shield. I was surprised at the amazing luster. It was much easier than applying wax. I will attach pictures since the shine is so wonderful.

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car wax for Subaru

The Excitement of Radiance and Smoothness!
H.G. Sacrament, CA.

It`s a crisp, autumn morning in Sacramento, California. No wind. Feels like the temperature is about 70 degrees. The front yard is generously spread with shade. An ideal day for a car wash. Since I received my order of Aladdin's Double Shield by mail, I've been waiting for a day like today to try it out.

Drove my car out of the garage and started foaming Aladdin`s Natural Car Shampoo in cold water. My car is a 2010 Subaru Forester. I love its red enamel color that shines like lip gloss. I had been looking for a product to enhance that shine. I was looking for a good wax, until I met up with Aladdin's Double Shield.

I was excited, my moves brisk, as I start to wash the car. I'm enjoying the rainbow made by water shooting from the hose. I`m making more of an effort this time, paying attention to the details. I rinse off the car's surface with water. Now, it's time to apply Double Shield. The instructions say to leave some water on the body. You need some water to avoid spotty results. I follow the instructions: spray on the Double Shield, then wipe up with a microfiber cloth. It really was a very easy application, as promised.

A happy surprise. As I wiped, the car quickly started to shine and felt as smooth as silk. Took a 10 minute coffee break and came back to do a final wipe down of the car, for added effect. I was impressed beyond my expectations. Conventional waxes often leave some white residue (paste) around the emblem and other textured surfaces, like car edges, window frames, etc.. This did not happen with Double Shield. Also, I didn`t have to put a lot of physical effort into the wiping. So, I think this is a great product for women. The car shines like my skin does after a spa treatment. You could say using Aladdin`s Double Shield is a spa treatment for your car!!


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Easy waxing

PDF format Double Shield direction: CLICK HERE

  • Double Shield is easy to apply, but the car's surface must be clean before application for Double Shield to adhere more firmly and have longer lasting results.
  • Tantacoat's Natural Car Shampoo is specially designed to improve Double Shield's adherence.
  • One way to test that your car's surface is clean enough is to wet the surface with water. If water beads do not appear, the surface is clean and ready for Double Shield.

    Car wash tips

  • You don`t need to wipe off water at this step.
  • If the surface is still rough even after a wash, it might be metal fragments that have embedded in the paint layer. You can easily remove them using an Auto Detailing Smoothing Clay.

Easy spray wax

•You can use DOUBLE SHIELD on all surfaces, but we do not recommend using on a wind shield and headlights.
•WORK ON SMALL SECTIONS AT A TIME (about the size of 1/2 of the car`s hood)

  • Wipe off excess water to avoid runoff.
  • Car surface should be wet to avoid uneven product distribution which results in spotting.
  • SPRAY DOUBLE SHIELD on car surface.
    One squirt of product covers approximately one square foot of surface.

Easy Wax Alternative
  • SPREAD ALADDIN`S DOUBLE SHIELD lightly and evenly with a sponge.
  • Using a spray bottle containing water is an easy way to control the amount of water on the surface.

EasyWax for showroom
  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat this process with each surface section.

Let it dry 10 minuites.
ALADDIN'S DOUBLE SHIELD dries quickly and starts hardening.
As product dries, the car's surface shine will increase.

The second application is optional, but we highly recommend a second application with your first application. This second application increases protection, durability and shine. An easy way to apply Double Shield the second time is to spray Double Shield on a damp applicator. Then, gently wipe your car. Dry and buff with a microfiber cloth. In this way, you can easily build the glass and resin layers on your car.

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