It's a Wash and Wax type Car Wash Soap,

But it's a Non-Wax. Instead, Super Water-Repellent Silicone Polymer.
It gives nice gentle shine and protections.
You will Love It!

Aladdin’s multi-purpose car shampoo is non-toxic, eco-friendly,
and it cleans and form a water-repellent layer on your car in one easy step!
The product's innovative formula is extremely water-repellent.
Its simple application and dependable protection
eliminates the need for unnecessary expenses
in your regular car maintenance regimen.

Benefit of car shampoo

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With waxing I could maintain my car in a constant state of shine and glossy finish but it would last only till the next rainy day. Every time it rained, I had to reapply the wax and hope it wouldn't happen again. Super Dots eliminates the need for waxing and handles car cleaning with ease. It is both a non-wax car care product and a plant based detergent. Following the instructions, it is just like a usual car wash but the glossy texture remains for much longer, even after a few days of rain. I don't find water smudges or spatter on the car even if I have driven through torrential rainfall! Also, enjoying water beads shine and rolling!!

Lucy, VA


First of all, I hate washing my car and prefer taking it to the car wash whenever I can. Every time I wash the car, it dirties up in a matter of days, so why bother? Well this was until I took a gamble with Super Dots. Someone said that its a non-wax car care product that works as a car cleaning solution and a shining agent that repels water. My car never looks dirty or water splashed anymore. And best of all I never again have to visit a car wash!

Adrien Samble, Novato, TX

I run a small car rental agency and maintaining my fleet of vehicles in top notch condition is a necessity of my business. Previously I had two part timers wax my cars every two days because of the amount of dirt and smudges it gathers in the hands of customers. Now that I have shifted over to Super Dots, I don't have to bother much about waxing as this non-wax car care product does the cleaning and shining part at the same time. In fact, being water repellent, I find most of my vehicles need no care other than a quick hose down. Now I clean my cars more often than wax them.

Johnson Car Rentals, AL

At my hand wash business, I use Super Dots this last two years. The Super Dots is my advice to all. I use it in my car wash regularly and have got excellent results. Customers have come back and said that their car retains its appeal even after a rain or after driving through dusty roads. This plant-based detergent is also an eco-friendly cleaner and so my run-off into the sewers aren't going to impact the environment. Truly impressive cleaning solution.

Michael, Von Brack Car Wash, TN

How Aladdin's Super Dots Works

Aladdin's Super Dots car shampoo forms a protective, adhesive amino-fortified silicone film layer on the car's surface. This film crosslinks with the car body to help the product stick to the paint surface and provide durable body protection unparalleled by any other car maintenance product.

Aladdin's Super Dots plant-based detergent is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, thus reducing the risk of excess water runoff and superfluous soap residue, which will help conserve water during normal product usage.

The water repellant film forms immediately on car surfaces at a minimum angle of 105 degrees. At car speeds of 30-40mph, water beads will simply roll of your vehicle, instead of producing unattractive water spots. Using Aladdin's Super Dots car shampoo can help cars retain their beauty and increase longevity with very little maintenance.

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Recommended for:

  • Car owners
  • Detail shops
  • Car wash businesses
  • Body Shop
  • Car dealership
  • Used car dealership
  • Car rentals
  • Limousine companies
  • Bus companies
  • Taxi companies
  • Repair shops
  • Parking services
Car Wash Step 1
Step 1

For best results, rinse desired car surfaces with a hose before applying product to remove any excess dirt.
Car soap
Step 2

Dilute Super Dots using a water ratio of 1:20 in a small bucket. Mix well to ensure optimal product performance. For a normal- sized car, use only 1.5 oz (50cc) of Super Dots. (Note: Mix 1.5oz of Super Dots with 30 oz(900cc) water to ensure finest results).
Water repellent
Step 3

Gently wash and apply product small sections at a time using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse briskly with water to remove any extra foam and use a dry cloth to spread product evenly over your vehicle.
Shine car
Step 4

Rinse entire car with water again.

Polish car
Step 5

Wipe down vehicle with a microfiber cloth to remove water.


Daniel, Used Car Dealer, Atlanta

I deal in used cars and have used so many different car shampoos and waxes to get the cars looking good that I wouldn’t know which one is the best… they all do the same thing! Super Dots is different! Not only does it wash the car, it waxes it too, making it shiny and looking good, it also repels water so I don’t have to wax the cars as often! It saves me money - I don’t have to buy so much, and I don’t have to pay for the man hours either, as we only have to wax the cars a couple of times now. It saves time and money - I don’t use anything else on our cars now!


Scottecia, VA

I hate dirty cars - it’s a pet peeve that drives my husband crazy, as it does cost a bit to maintain our two cars. I spend a lot of money on car shampoo and wax, etc… and I keep both my car and my husband’s spotless. We both try to use Eco-friendly products wherever we can, but it has been hard trying to find a car shampoo and wax that is safe for the environment. Super Dots is eco-friendly, so easy and quick to use, and makes my life so much easier! You don’t have to shampoo and then wax - it does it all in one! Really great product - I have recommended it to all my friends! My dad now uses it on his and my mother’s cars!


Dug, Car Repair Shop Owner, NJ

I own a car repair shop in a busy town and we compete with a couple of other car repair shops… we offer a free wash service to customers when we repair their cars, which keeps customers coming back to us and recommending us to their friends. We switched from regular car shampoo, and wax, etc to Super Dots a couple of months ago now and I have to say the difference in quality is extraordinary! Not only does it save us money as we only have to buy this product, and not shampoo AND wax, but it’s better quality and it’s eco-friendly which as a car repair shop is hard to keep to! Recommended!

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