Being able to See Clearly is Critical for Rainy Day Driving

The Federal Highway Administration states there are over 5,870,000 vehicle crashes each year. Twenty-three percent (23%) of these crashes, nearly 1,312,000, are weather related.

Good visibility is key for safe driving in tough weather conditions. We've all experienced stress when driving in stormy weather. Sometimes, windshield wipers aren't enough to keep rain from blocking your view, especially at night.

Using Aladdin's Rain Repellent dramatically improves your rainy day driving visibility. After one easy application, rain is transformed into water beads that roll off your windshield so you can see.

Aladdin's Rain Repellent contains no hazardous chemicals and has a neutral scent. It keeps your windshield crystal clear and adds an extra layer of protection.

Aladdin's Rain Repellent is long lasting. One application lasts from three to six months. The lasting time depends on the climate where you live. Frequent stormy weather conditions will require more applications, but each application lasts at least three months. With Aladdin's Rain Repellent, you can drive safely and even enjoy a rainy day drive.


Benefits of Aladdin's Rain Repellent Treatment

  • Improve driving visibility in adverse weather:

    The immediate advantage of a rain repellent treatment on a windshield is considerable improvement of driving visibility in rainy weather. You can also expect improvement in windshield wiper performance.

  • Prevention of scales of glass:

    The treatment will prevent scales of glass caused by tap water and acid rain. This effect can be demonstrated also on other windows, as it is not limited to only the front windshield. The significant preventive effect is due to a formulation of hybrid silicon-fluorine mixture.

  • Repels not only water, but also oil, dirt, and frost:

    While the coating is alive, it has the effect of suppressing the glare caused by the road oil and the adhesion of dirt and oil.

Application is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes for most cars. Just follow these simple steps.

  • A 1-ounce bottle of Aladdin's Rain Repellent, $11.95, covers 6 to 10 windshields.
  • Spread well, and one windshield needs, at the most, 1 tsp (5 ml).
  • Watch as rain transforms into beautiful beads of water that roll away at speeds of just 40mph!
  • Feel secure as you enjoy better visibility and safer rainy day driving.

Aladdin's Rain Repellent solves the problems caused by adverse weather conditions. Your rainy day driving vision will dramatically improve, making a previously risky action more safe, comfortable, and enjoyable!

Preparation: Clean windshield as much as possible before the application of Rain Repellent.

Car Wash Step 1

You will see the effects of Aladdin’s Rain Repellent treatment even without thorough preparations. However, in order to get the best results, we recommend adequate preparation. You do not want to put scotch tape on oily surfaces. The purpose of the preparation is to eliminate oil, water spots (scale), and old silicone films, along with dust and dirt.

First, wash the windshield with car soap to eliminate dirt, dust, and oils. We recommend a biodegradable car soap to avoid contamination from nearby water resources. Aladdin's Natural Car Shampoo is an excellent option for this.

If you see water spots or oil/silicone glare, get rid of it! It might be a little challenging, but there are several ways to eliminate these unsightly marks. You can try just one or a combination of following.

  1. A-Maz Clean and Green
    This is my favorite product and always my first choice for cleaning water spots and old silicone films. It is a fantastic micro-abrasive paste.
  2. White vinegar and water mixture
    The mixing ratio of 50/50 is a good start. If you do not see sufficient effects, increase the amount of vinegar. You can use a spray bottle. Also, you can use paper towels soaked in the solution – simply adhere them to the glass for 5 to 10 minutes. In this way, the solution stays on the area and is thereby more effective. Remember to rinse well after the job is done to ensure that all vinegar has been removed.
  3. Steel wool.
    Use a fine-grade steel wool (“0000″) and water for lubrication. When finished, rinse off steel particles.
  4. Bon Ami.
    Some labels on Bon Ami's cans indicate "Do not use on windows or mirror." Some labels do not indicate either way. One of Bon Ami’s ingredients is Feldspar, and the hardness is around 6 or 7 on the Mohs' scale of hardness – almost like glass. Even though detailers use regularly.
  5. Turtle wax chrome cleaner.
    It takes a little elbow grease, but works great!


Car Wash Step 1
Step 1

Make sure the windshield glass is completely clean and towel-dry. If your windshield is very dirty, please refer to the Preparation section of this page.

Drop 5 to 10 drops of Aladdin's Rain Repellent on a state-of-the-art two layer coating sponge.
Car Wash Step 1
Step 2

Apply to windshield glass with up and down motion in a small area, repeating until all glass is covered.
Car Wash Step 1
Step 3

Wait 5 minutes and buff with a wet, but well-wrung towel.


The Need for a Windshield Rain Repellent Treatment

Regardless of the destination, it is very important to make sure that every journey is safe. I have realized this after driving on a Thursday despite an adverse weather. I needed to bring my three-year-old niece back to their hotel after spending the entire day in our home. The little girl has to arrive before 8 in the evening because they needed to catch up a flight at 12 midnight.

Earlier that day, my brother was as annoying as he introduced a product that he had availed of weeks before. It is a windshield rain repellent treatment that works in improving rainy day driving visibility. He was so adamant that I also use it because the rainy days have started, and we live in an area where road visibility is crazy during rainy days.

A Good Decision

I was thankful that even though I was annoyed, I listened to him. I allowed him to do everything for me; little did I know that I would be taking advantage of it right on that very day. I was hesitant at first, and even forgot about the windshield rain repellent that my brother had initially prepared earlier that day. As a matter of fact, I only noticed it when finally, we were on the road. I had created scenes on my mind. I was already planning to call my brother for assistance should the windshield starts getting foggy.

However, there I was, sitting down, finally reaching our destination, with no problem whatsoever. It was then that I realized that it was all due to that windshield rain repellent treatment my brother has aggressively introduced. As I was driving back home, I realized the importance of good driving visibility, most especially during rainy nights. However, since we really do not have control over road and weather conditions, a good rain repellent treatment can help in improving driving visibility despite adverse weather. From that point on, I have decided to tell my friends, and to some of them I was as aggressive as my brother. But everything paid off well.

Video Script:

Ever get so nervous on a rainy day driving due to poor visibility even when using a wiper?
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And there’s no easy way around this for people like you and me.
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Aladdin's Rain Repellent ensures better visibility and ultimately makes driving much more comfortable when it’s raining.

Simply coating this high quality water repellent on your windshield makes the big difference of providing you with total control of your visibility, even on the occasion of a heavy downpour.

  • It’s easy to apply
  • It lasts long;
  • And it works… fool proof… every time!

With Aladdin's Rain Repellent you no longer have to worry about poor visibility again when driving on a rainy day.

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