Tantacoat Belltree-International


Email: info@tantacoat.com

Welcome to Tantacoat Coating Systems, a company specializing in the production of coating materials for car care and home cleaning. Based in Washington, Tantacoat is a division of Belltree International and operates as an importer, wholesaler and online retailer of all Tantacoat products.

Commitment to Quality:

Whether you’re looking to coat your car, sink, shower room or other home product, Tantacoat offers leading edge liquid glass and silicone polymer coating. Our products are designed to provide an extra shield to vehicles as well as a dependable layer of protection to home products.

Here at Tantacoat, we choose to work with select coating manufacturers in Japan to offer quality products designed to meet the unique needs of consumers like you. When it comes to silicone and other polymer technologies, Japan is one of the world leaders in production. In the past, coating materials have been developed primarily for industrial use, but over the last two decades many companies in Japan have begun to apply these sophisticated technologies to the consumer market. Today, we’re excited to bring these innovative results to you!