Paul Albert, Freedom, CA.

I‘ve washed and waxed cars for 50 years. I’ve tried all the waxes over the years and usually after 2 washes the wax is gone- no water beads. When I tried Double Shield, Liqiod Glass Auto Polish, I was skeptical until the 5th car wash and the water beads were still there, amazing. It really does chemically bond with the paint surface. And to top it off the effort to benefit ratio is very high. Little effort yields great benefit. Great product.

HAppy Liquid Glass


Daniel T, Detailer from San Diego. AutoSpa ToGO

I like your Double Shield, Liquid Glass Auto Polish, very much. It leaves a VERY smooth surface, and the protection seems greater than wax. This is a good product.


Professional Auto Detailer, Los Angeles, CA.

Yes, the double shield works good. I can feel a difference on the panels. It still feels like it has just been waxed, I'm pleased with the results. Great Liquid Glass Auto Polish Product.


Car Lover, Koji, NJ

I just bought a used Maxda CX-9 with 1500 miles on it. In New Jersey, where I live, the winter and summer weather can be harsh, so I wanted to protect my new car with a good coating product. One of my friends worked for Toyota and told me about Liquid glass coatings. When I saw an ad for Double Shield, I thought I'd give it a try.

The shipment was prompt and came on a weekday, so I waited for the weekend. I think the whole process of washing my car and applying Double Shield took a little less than an hour. Even with a 15 foot long SUV, I didn't need to use a lot of product, so I had plenty left.

I was happy with the results and have included before and after pictures for you. You can see the car now shines like a mirror, with the reflections of trees on its surface, and the car's color seems deeper. I love Double Shield and will continue to use it. I'm looking forward to trying your other products and wish your company success.



A.F. San Francisco, CA

I'm a car collector and have tried many brands of car wax and sealants. I like Double Shield. The results are better than I expected. In fact, I've never used a product like it, Liquid Glass Auto Polish. It is easy to use and gives good results. I'm planning to stick with it.


Kathy, Santa Barbara, CA.

First of all, shipping was lightening fast! I received this product only two days after purchasing it. I couldn’t wait to try it out, and I must say, I’m very pleased. I don’t think my car has ever looked better; not even at the time of purchase. I have been using it for about a month now, and my car appears to get shinier and shinier as the days go on. Everyone keeps asking me how I get my car to look so sharp; my little secret: Honestly, I didn't know about a Liquid Glass Auto Polish at all. Highly recommend this product, and going to order a 2nd bottle soon.


June, Seattle, WA.

I hate waxing my car. It's time consuming, troublesome and tiring. In my business, a car has to look good, so I've been searching for an easy alternative. I found the Tantacoat site when I was googling on the internet and read about Double Shield. I never used Liquid Glass Auto Polish type car care products. But, I remembered a Japanese friend telling me how Liquid glass coatings are popular in Japan. I thought, "this is it." The price wasn't too steep, so I placed an order online. I tried Double Shield as soon as the package arrived. It was quick and easy to use and the microfiber cloth I ordered turned out to be of good quality, making drying the car easy. The car body felt really smooth and I could see a glass-like shine that is different from the results I got with car wax.

Next day, it rained. I expected trouble, but was surprised how the water beaded on the car. Then, I drove to work. As soon as I was driving 35 mph, the water droplets started rolling off the car. Double Shield's water repellant worked really well. I recommended Double Shield to my friends and wanted to let you know I'm impressed.


Mario, Chicago, IL.

Just ordered a 2nd bottle of this Liquid Glass Polish. I was absolutely blown away the first time I tried this car care product. The price was O.K. and I figured I had nothing to lose. My car has been looking dull lately, due to the Chicago snow we got pounded with. I found that while using the first bottle, the snow has come off my car much easier. Not sure why, but it just doesn’t stick to my car the way it used to before using the product. Going to be ordering a bottle for my brother as well, because he’s impressed by the product.


Crystal, OH.

I was in desperate need of an auto car polish. My car has been an absolute, filthy mess, especially after the winter we just endured. I came across the Double Shield Liquid Glass Auto Polish and wow, what a huge difference this has made on my car! Applying is super easy; just spray and simply wash off dry. It really takes no effort at all, and makes my car shine like nothing else has before. I have gotten a ton of compliments on the appearance of my car; people think I got it professionally done. Highly recommend!


Cathy, Redond Beach, CA

I'm a mother of four and am very busy. I have been trying to keep my car clean but reality doesn't cooperate! I found the Tantacoat website and thought Double Shield looked easy to use, so I'd give it a try. I was really impressed. Double Shield really is easy to use and my car's surface is smoother than I've ever experienced. It has been almost a month now and the shine is still like new. Im very satisfied with this purchase.